About Us

For the past 25 years the Vibazone™ team has been following innovation, commercialization, technology and entrepreneurs around the World. We have built the Vibazone™ platform to support other Innovators and Entrepreneurs. Vibazone™ is working to build a global community that will provide the foundation and support necessary for success to Entrepreneurs around the world. We are working to take build the culture and ecosystem that has helped hotspots, like Silicon Valley, excel.

The Virtual International Business Accelerator, aka VIBAZONE™ and the vision of its founders is to build an international community that will provide the support necessary for Entrepreneurs’ around the world to succeed. Our platform will help connect innovators with funders and will provide a platform to sell ideas and patents. We will also help provide the training and knowledge entrepreneurs and start-ups need in order to succeed.

Vibazone™ will provide a competitive advantage to start-ups and will become the world’s first global platform and community of successful entrepreneurs. This platform is built on a vision that ventures are looking for both business and giving business to others.

We invite you to explore your vision and be a part of our VISION so that we can play a role in your dream to “Create a sustainable venture for a sustainable tomorrow.” Join us to make VIBAZONE™ the NEXT BIG IDEA and we will help you make sure that YOUR idea is the NEXT BIG IDEA.

Why Did We Create Vibazone™?

Today’s environment of increasing costs of research and shrinking product lifecycles is resulting in greatly reduced net margins. Major corporations are reducing their research budgets by shifting their research, either part or whole, to low-cost countries, such as China and India. This creates a need to develop the ecosystems and resources found in places like Silicon Valley in places like Bangalore, India.

At the same time the education levels, skill-sets and ambition of bright entrepreneurs around the world are rising. More people than ever before are tinkering away at creating the next big idea, but many get lost at one stage or another of commercialization. Whether it’s finding funding, writing a business plan, or looking for partners, Vibazone™ will help entrepreneurs address the gaps in their ventures.

What Is VibaZone™ Trying to Achieve?

One of Vibazone™’s major goals is to provide a platform for people to sell ideas and patents. By our own estimates, we guess that at most 10 out of every 100 technologies created are ever used. What then happens to the other 90 technologies? Chances are they are kept in the back room of a major company for legal and accounting purposes. Or if a small start-up fails to succeed their research might be lost forever.