Innovation system

You can speak to us regarding these or other Innovation Ecosystem based issues – we provide customized solutions to meet the needs of the client and the inherent parameters of your ecosystem.

  • Innovation Frameworks
  • Identify Potential Collaborators
  • Technology Transfer Service

Innovation Frameworks

We have extensive experience working with a wide variety of stakeholders from universities, companies and governments across multiple countries – analyzing their existing systems, identifying strengths and weaknesses and proposing potential implementations to improve the performance of their respective innovation systems. We also help our clients implement the innovation frameworks and models and in the process also facilitate the integration of innovation systems across stakeholders

Identify Potential Collaborators

As part of the implementation process of the Innovation Systems for a client we also identify potential collaborators that are part of the value chain of the client that have the potential to make their innovation system more effective. This is based on the fact that innovation can be spurred at different levels of the value chain of a product or service and in certain scenarios the collaboration between multiple entities across the value chain will bring completion or meaning to sub-innovations. We also provide engagement guidelines and multiple case studies to effectively engage the identified collaborators and optimize the client’s innovation system.

Technology Transfer Service

Implementing a new or updated innovation system for a client will only solve their short term challenges – for it to have a long term positive effect the client will also need to be trained to effectively run and manage the innovation system. To address this long term need, we provide training to a selected team to setup an in-house Technology Transfer Service that takes care of the multiple directions of information flow needed to manage the innovation system.