Here are the services we offer

Commercialization Support

Are you a researcher interested in getting exposure to the key concepts of commercialization? Are you a budding entrepreneur who needs support to generate key reports that analyse your business? Do you need support in implementing your business idea or commercializing your research project? Do you need to train your staff in the business planning and start-up processes?

Accelerator Platform

Are you a researcher with patents you would like to commercialize? Are you an entrepreneur looking to work on innovative solutions? Are you a venture capitalist looking for the next big idea to invest in? Are you an expert in the commercialization processes and would like to provide your services?

Innovation System

Is it a research based ecosystem that you want to restructure towards innovation? Is it a production system that is not used to absorbing innovations? Or is it an innovation ecosystem that missed a step and now needs to be synced to the needs of its environment?

You can speak to us regarding these or other Innovation Ecosystem based issues – we provide customized solutions to meet the needs of the client and the inherent parameters of your ecosystem.