Accelerator Platform

At the VibaZone Platform we have created an ecosystem where each of the stakeholders of the innovation process can interact with the other stakeholders with a global reach thus magnifying the probability of finding the right solution or the perfect match. Come join our Global Innovation Platform and be part of the Innovation without borders movement!

  • Business Service Marketplace
  • Global Innovation Platform
  • Global IP Trading

Business Service Marketplace

The platform also hosts all the potential service providers and service requesters involved in the Innovation Ecosystem – ranging from Consultants for Feasibility Analysis and Business Planning to venture capitalists looking for the next big Innovation and including entrepreneurs who have prior experience in starting businesses based on similar innovations. By creating a platform to host all the associated support activities we create an international innovation ecosystem that is self-driven to continuously innovate and thrive.

Global Innovation Platform

Virtual International Business Accelerator Platform – VibaZone Platform – A Platform for Innovation, Commercialization and Technology. It is a home for all Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Investors and others around the world to network, share and support each other. This Global Innovation Network will facilitate “Innovation without Borders” – create a bridge across geographical and economical borders to connect infrastructure and opportunities.

Global IP Trading

Global Patent Applications have almost doubled from 1995 (1.05 million applications) to 2010 (1.98 million applications) (*Source: WIPO). But only about 10 % of Patents are commercialized – one of the key factors affecting the commercialization rate is the visibility of the patents to the potential users – in many cases the patents are exposed to a small fraction of the potential users, mostly those in the immediate vicinity of the patent in terms of geography and value chain. But by exposing the patents to much wider user base across the globe we will generate opportunities for the patents to be absorbed by potential users internationally. This is made possible on our VibaZone Platform where researchers and potential entrepreneurs interact and commercialize patents